Finance Consulting Services

Our unique way of working

Being familiar with incorporating new corporates and serving scale-ups, IC4U understands your drive to reach goals and overperform the market. This requires a lean-shaped and risk-controlled organization. As Fintech is in our DNA and IT in our roots, IC4U is an expert in providing:

  • Consulting Services on Risk, Compliance and Governance

  • Digitalization of end-to-end processes

  • Of the shelf Contract Management solutions

“IC4U understands the FinTech ecosystem

Consulting Solutions

  • Development and implementation of Control Frameworks

  • Managing, Auditing and Monitoring of Governance in the field of ALM, Credit-, Operational-, Compliance- and Fraud Risk

  • Alignment of Regulations

  • Process Optimization by Digitalization

Product Solutions

  • Contract Management System (Q2 2022)

  • Credit Proposal Management System (Q2 2022)